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Personal draft

Fume hoods - DFP-900A


External dimensions W700×D423×H500mm
Unit materials Acrylic transparent 3t
Frame material Aluminum Alumite processing
Door Acrylic transparent 3t 50mm pitch variable up and down
Guide rail High molecular polyethylene
Duct φ38×500L(mm) flexible hose
Exhaust fan Sirocco fan
Fan box W240×D240×H166mm vinyl chloride ivory
Filter 3-layer structure Activated charcoal filter, dust removal filter, pre-filter
Fan capacity Maximum air flow 1.6/1.8m3/min Input 28/32W Maximum static pressure 152/221Pa
Electrical capacitance AC100V 0.5A

Product detail

A table-top exhaust hood that can be used as a simple draft by simply placing it on a workbench. Using an original aluminum frame mold, it enables a high degree of freedom in design and production including the unit size and specifications as well as the stand. ※It can also work against VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Please feel free to inquire.