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Glove box

Gloveboxes - CL-AGB


External dimensions W1000×D700×H800mm
Effective internal dimensions W920×D585×H760mm
Unit frame Aluminum Alumite processing
Unit panel Electrostatic vinyl chloride transparent 3t
Glove Rubber gloves 1 pair
Door Airtight handle type double doors Frontage W920×H720mm
Clean module Air flow 1.0m3/min×2 units HEPA filter
Dust collection efficiency 99.97% or greater (0.3μm)
Cleanliness factor Class 100
Electrical capacitance AC100V 1A Electrical outlet with ground plug 5m

Product detail

An aluminum type glove box with an FFU installed. By making the inside of the box a clean environment, contamination can be prevented.